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By calling upon Him (Psalm 91:15), by praying unto Him, by seeking Him with ALL of our heart (Jer. 29:12-13).
It is the presence of the Holy Spirit that does the work, not human beings (Genesis 1:2-3), for it's not by might nor by power but by the Spirit. Every prayer, if well said, should contain the Word of God for it to be effective. Emotions or words do not move God. His Words do. Jesus "cast out evil spirits with His Word" (Matthew 8:16-17).
Peter started sinking because he took his focus off Jesus Christ and His Word that asked him to, "Come." Our Lord Jesus Christ was his direct ability to walk on water. So when he took his focus off Him and His Word and placed it on the happenings around him, fear creeped in and he started to sink but our Lord held him up. So will any who takes off focus from Him, sink. Don't let it be you. Amen.
Peter started sinking even before Jesus because he was before Him in person but NOT in Spirit, for his mind was not focused on Jesus but on the world, which was the troubling wave. Today, some of us are physically in the Church before our Lord Jesus Christ, but their Spirits are not focused on Him. Yet they wonder why they are not receiving the blessings when they go to Church. Receiving from God is NOT magical or automatic. You have a part to play. Focus and Pray Faithfully. Help us Lord. Amen.
You make your Prayers Powerful by praying the Word of God back to Him, for it is written that His Word will never go void nor return void but goes and accomplishes all what it was being sent to accomplish.

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